Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When this Blog began...

Five years ago, March 26, 2006 I began posting on this blog and wrote the following.
After 20 years of seriously declining health, I started my new life just a year ago. The life where I don't eat wheat. The life where my bones and muscles don't ache, my stomach and bladder are calm, my skin is clear and I laugh out loud. My new life - where I feel more like 27 than almost 47. This blog will be a series of ramblings, rantings and ravings as I continue to figure out what I can eat and why none of the doctors I saw over the past 20 years ever thought that wheat could be my problem.
At that time information available anywhere about Gluten-Intolerance was sparse but I am so glad to say today that is a different story. I discovered though the years that the wheat was not my only issue and that the gluten contained in many grains was. As each year has passed I have learned more and more from and about my body. It's all a good thing.

Eating Gluten-Free has been a challenge but not impossible. Nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. You have to decide. Decide what is important.

Eating well and feeling well go hand in hand. For many years I had though I was eating well but my body proved me wrong. Now my body is happy. Happily responding to the choices I am making. It is still a hard pill for me to swallow that I had to suffer for so long and that none of the doctors were of any help to me or my well being and instead of recognising the underlying issue of all my ills the continued to just offer me pills.

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