Friday, December 14, 2007

Damn Chili

I'm making some right now. I've tasted it as is has been simmering along on the stove. It's a good batch. I never follow a recipe - I'm a taster cook. You know the creative kind. So it's not this chili I am so mad about. It's chili in general. I had always assumed it was safe until tonight.

Being an adventurous and spontaneous cook I reached into my pantry and found 3 kinds of beans available for my dinner pot; Black beans, Kidney Beans, and Chili Beans. I opened a can of the Chili Beans then took a pause as I as about to dump the contents into my pot. Food Starch modified, dang it. Right there on the damn label. Not Modified Food Starch, but this time Food Starch Modified.

I don't know the how's, what's, when's or where's of the food starch modifying business I just know I have learned through the year of my gluten- free quest to stay away from it. Chances are wheat is in the mix. Why do they have to put it in seemingly everything? It's my biggest menance my -oh I don't know a word big enough for this problem.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Here is what I want everyone who complains of misc. body pain - fibromyalgia, arthritis, and restless leg syndrome - YOUR BODY IS TOXIC TOO!
I consider my body a living laboratory. It's taken me years to figure this TOXIC BODY THING OUT and what to do about it but I have found some answers for me which may very well also apply to you.

I've deduced that my body has been gradually poisoned though the years from several sources. The consumption of Wheat and toxic chemicals in my paint studio to be sure. I have been wheat free for a couple of years now to the best of my ability. Several years ago I changed the tools I paint with to avoid toxic paint thinner which I was getting on my skin daily. This last week I dipped back in to the toxic paint thinner to clean my hands (stupid I know -the really do put those warning labels on for good reason) and within two days some of the worst of my old pains were back. My legs ached from my hips to my the ends of my toes as I lay in bed. As I grimaced I tried to recall my recent diet. Had I slipped up on the wheat free thing? Couldn't have - I hadn't eaten away from home for sometime and was confident that my diet wasn't the problem. The thing that really amazed me was that I had been detoxing for the past month - (more on that below) -and had felt that I was getting making a lot of detox progress. Then I remembered how I had been cleaning a paint brush with paint thinner and also wiping my hands with the thinner too. That had to be it - the poison in my system making my body ache now, just as it had when I was diagnosed 10 years ago with fibromyalia. After using a high power pain patch a couple of years ago I came to understand that chemicals really do absorb into our bloodstream from contact with our skin. How I don't know now but that's not my point.

Here's my point. Poision entered my system and my previously clean body now hurt like hell.
Just like it had for years on end and I had been told my doctors that I just had to live with it.
But here to me again was proof that something real - toxic agents- had invaded my body- and my body was responding. I then prayed that I could quickly reverse this and regain my health.
Having the poison and the occasion identified was the first step the second was to hit this hard with my detox plan.

No I don't sell the stuff. I have certainly thought about it but then no one would believe what I say as much because I would be personally profiting - I would rather prophesize for the greater good of all. Look this stuff up- PRIMAL DEFENSE- it's easy to find on the web. After starting back up on it I was all better from this pain attack in a day- two at the most. I have more stories about how this stuff has helped me -which I'll post another time, but you really should research this product for yourself.

It is my belief that most complaints of misc. body pain - fibromyalgia, arthritis, and restless leg syndrome as well as rashes and itching- mean you have a toxins in your system. To get better you need to find out what is getting into your body and harming it. It could be something you ingest, breath or apply topically as I did. But you also need a plan rid your body of the built up toxins that are stored in your muscles, fat, connective tissues. I've read of lots of ways to do this that sound hard and very unappealing a the best, but for me taking PRIMAL DEFENSE in the quantities suggested by the company to detox one's body has been a pretty darn easy and amazing thing.

My Claimer (not disclaimer)
I know this is all true for me and have I figured it out on my own. I do not claim to have been told this by any of the numeral medical professionals that I have seen through the years and you know what? That really pisses me off!