Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Power of Knowledge

I'm on the e-mail list for the Arthritis Foundation's news letter. Two years ago I was the local "poster child" for the Arthritis walk. That experience was another awakening to the closed eyes of so many that society counts on for real help.

Thus, I hardly ever bother to even open the regular e-mail newsletters I continue to recieve. After all it's all bad news. But today I decieded to open the link and was just for a minute was inspired by the catchy headline at the top.

The Power of Knowledge.
Mind Body and Spirit.

This inspiration lasted for less than a minute. It's all a bunch of crap! Knowledge. Bullshit!

What first caught my eye was an article about eating right. I read it. Right for what, I thought? Not me and most likely not you.

Grab-n-Go: Four Quick Breakfast Ideas

I know what saved me and I know it's saved quite a few others. And that is living a life free of the ingestion of Gluten. So I search the site to see how much this organization that suppossedly cares about "it's people"talks about this idea. A search of all the articles on the entire website linked to only 5 articles of these I could only find one article that used the word once. Just one reference. Just a faint whisper. Shit. I'm pissed again.

Okay, so it feels good to rant a bit but I'm not going to continue to give this negative emotion much energy. I've shifted my energy to thinking positive and thus I am going to again refocus my energy into doing good. Creating good. Good things to eat for people like me that know that life with out Gluten can indeed be a very good one.

I have created something fabulous to share with the world. Something to sweeten your day. Something to bring a smile and healthly fill your tummy as well. The first products I am bringing to market are cookies and scones. Unbelievably good and unbelieveably GLUTEN-FREE. I call my company GLUTEN-FREE GOODNESS. Look for futher information on at

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