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Lawrence, Kansas August 4, 2009  If anyone needs to watch their words it would be Shelley Case. According to her website Shelley Case is a registered dietitian and a leading international nutrition expert on celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. From the list of her credentials and affiliations it’s that apparent she as well as a few others regard her views on Celiac disease and the true benefits of a Gluten-Free diet as gospel and even pay her quite handsomely for them. Dang, that’s scary to me.

Scary because I believe the lives of millions of people are at stake. Yep, I’m am seriously talking about life and death issues here. I’m sorry, I know you’re lost. I’m just really heated right now. Let me take a deep breath and back up a bit.

I just came upon a May 13, 2009 press release authored by Shelley Case regarding her opinions on Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s new book release "The G-Free Diet: A Gluten Survival Guide". Because of Hasselbeck’s high celebrity profile her book is garnering quite a bit of attention to the possible health benefits of adhering to a Gluten-Free diet. Now, directly quoting the mentioned press release; “Case worries that too many people will look to the diet to solve a multitude of problems such as arthritis, ADHD, elevating energy levels and even weight loss.”

Say what? Now where exactly is the problem here Ms. Case? What I hear you saying is that it could be a problem if too many people living lives of pain and misery from a multitude of health problems such as arthritis, ADHD, poor energy levels and even weight issues would seriously consider the possibility that there lives could actually and truly get better by a change in diet. Now where again is the problem?

I see the problem with you and so very many like you Ms. Shelley Case. You and so many other esteemed health professionals who have all the right initials after your name. Appearing to have the best interest in peoples heath you are actually (intentionally or not) misleading those that gather at your feet. I see it as a matter of mixed messages when one clear message to all is what is important here.

Just one paragraph down you come back to reality with these words. “The disease (Celiac Disease) effects people differently. For some, the symptoms may include bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and/or constipation, while for others it might be fatigue, bone or joint pain, mouth ulcers, migraines, irritability or depression. In fact, anemia is one of the most common symptoms in adults according to a study co-authored by Case and published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences.” So what I am I so huffed about? I’m huffed about disclosing the complete facts and making sure that as many people as possible know them.

FACT – It is possible that many people can regain their health and reverse an array of apparently unrelated major health issues by going Gluten-Free. Hear me – many people, not everybody but many people. It’s a possibility. I real proven possibility. Case in point – ME. I lived that life of pain and misery for way to many years. Every moment not spent thinking about my pain I spent trying to find a way out of it. When someone is searching for answers they need to be told of all the options to consider and not to just run along and look the other way. HELL NO! They are hungry and thirsty for any chance to feel better, to be well.

My point in all of this. I had to live through 20 years of pain and many ignorant doctors to come to the self discovery that the ingestion of gluten was killing me. Now I know that a Gluten-Free diet will most probably not save the world but knowing that it could possibly save their own life would mean a world to another.

So watch your words and please spread the word that there is a whole lot more information out there scientifically proving a connection between the ingestion of gluten and autoimmune disorders, arthritis, cancer, type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, lupus, fibromyalgia, brain, depression, headaches, epilepsy, and IBS to name just a few.


Debra Clemente, GFHHM (Gluten Free Healthy Happy Me)

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