Friday, December 14, 2007

Damn Chili

I'm making some right now. I've tasted it as is has been simmering along on the stove. It's a good batch. I never follow a recipe - I'm a taster cook. You know the creative kind. So it's not this chili I am so mad about. It's chili in general. I had always assumed it was safe until tonight.

Being an adventurous and spontaneous cook I reached into my pantry and found 3 kinds of beans available for my dinner pot; Black beans, Kidney Beans, and Chili Beans. I opened a can of the Chili Beans then took a pause as I as about to dump the contents into my pot. Food Starch modified, dang it. Right there on the damn label. Not Modified Food Starch, but this time Food Starch Modified.

I don't know the how's, what's, when's or where's of the food starch modifying business I just know I have learned through the year of my gluten- free quest to stay away from it. Chances are wheat is in the mix. Why do they have to put it in seemingly everything? It's my biggest menance my -oh I don't know a word big enough for this problem.

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Anonymous said...

how are you doing in 2008...still wheat free and happy i hope. i'm learning to live wheat-free myself..and my body loves me for it too:)