Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Getting the word OUT

I have started e-mail correspondence with my health insurance company asking for their help in getting the word out to the greater community. Sadly, as I write this I know that whoever manages to find my posts in this great big sea of the internet won't happen upon it and learn something totally new. They will have at least been searching or surfing in this direction. So I have asked that Blue Cross of Kansas to stand up and speak out. Everyone needs and deserves to know about Celiac Disease
I also found and excellent article today supporting my beliefs and personal findings about Celiac.
I just wrote and thanked the author for her work and efforts on all of our behalves.
Here is a link to this newsy piece. It's a good summary.


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Emily said...


Have you seen this blog?
Looks like a great resource on gluten-free living.

I love your artwork!